Est. 1865

Rebel Reserve

During the American Revolutionary War, a brave soldier was trapped within his home by enemy soldiers and burned alive. This soldier's home once stood on the very property where Rebel Reserve Hard Cider is made today.

When held to the fire, legends prevail. Rebel Reserve stands strong as one of today’s premiere hard ciders.

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The Standard Cider Company

Making their way to you from the Hudson Valley, this collection of hard ciders from The Standard Cider Company needed a unique introduction. At the start of the project, it was made clear that the look needed to reflect the unique marriage between Annie Oakley & Bill Graham. Random, but the challenge was met.

Introducing a beverage option fit for the truest of minds.

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Finger Lakes Beer Company

Owners Mark & Wayne began brewing in their basement, but eventually acquired a lakeside property, set up shop, and quickly assembled the beginnings of an award-winning brewery. Not to brag, but FLBC won the 2015 Silver Medal for Best NYS Craft Beer. Not too shabby.

Clear skies, lush mountains, and lakeside cold brews... sounds like the good life to me.

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Yonkers Brewing Co.

With beers in hand, co-founders John Rubbo and Nick Califano were inspired to start their own brewery. Yonkers Brewing Company offers some of the finest handcrafted brews that both the novice and the seasoned beer drinker can enjoy.

Good brewing is a science. It takes time, know-how, and a whole lot of love. Yonkers Brewing Company knows this all too well.

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Ciara's Kombucha

At just 8 weeks old, Ciara was diagnosed with liver disease. She was faced with a liver transplant at best. Her desperate mother started giving Ciara kombucha in hopes that the positive health effects would help her daughter survive. Nearly 20 years later, Ciara is thriving and still drinking kombucha religiously – the only difference is, now the bottle bears her name.

Once in a while you meet people with a story so heartfelt you can’t help but be on their team. We are proud to root for Ciara!

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Rock Art Brewery

Matt Nadeu has been a fixture in the craft beer industry for well over a decade. His signature brews are considered some of the finest in the country and have garnered numerous awards. Based in Vermont, Rock Art is a hometown brewery with national ambitions.

You know what they say, in Vermont you do what you want – cheers to that!

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Blue Point Brewing Company

Being a part of the design process for Blue Point’s RastafaRye was nothing short of a dream come true, one of our favorite tasting brews.

As a native Long Islander, we love all things Long Island, and Blue Point is about as Long Island as Billy Joel.

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Lakewood Basics

Lakewood has a reputation for producing some of the finest juices around. When they asked us to design their new Basics line, we were all ears (and taste buds, too).

We created a label for the new Basics line that is clean, simple, and reflects the purity of the elements within, so you can see for yourself.

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