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Introducing, Beauty

Our Omet X6 10-Color Flexographic Press

Shrink Sleeve + Roll Fed

One of our favorite new markets right now is shrink sleeves for craft beer cans, energy drinks, juices, and teas thanks to our secret weapon, Beauty.

In addition to boasting the most technologically advanced registration system on the market today, our Omet X6 10-Color flexographic press – which we fondly refer to as Beauty – is specifically engineered for printing on unsupported substrates, and our lower minimums and spot matte/gloss techniques are primed to accommodate the endless bounds of your creativity.

Our new investments in technology also include a 100% inspection system that will detect defects smaller than a pinhole - even at speeds of 1,800 feet per minute - crazy, we know.

Shrink Sleeve affords us the opportunity to create more possibilities and solutions with our clients - we are looking forward to how we can make your next project revolutionary.


Shrink sleeve and roll-fed labels provide 360 degrees of possibility - the opportunity to use contoured containers and create a more powerful shelf presence. A label that can fit to any shape means endless design possibilities.

Here are some of our Shrink Sleeve + Roll Fed go-to solutions:

If it's a label,
we can make it.

Cut + Stack

Our Heidelberg XL 106 8 Color UV Press is the first of its kind in the United States. With run speeds of up to 18,000 sheets per hour, The Beast has more than doubled our capacity.

The press is equipped with the two most sophisticated color control technology systems on the market today - InPress Color Management and Axis Control. This closed loop system measures ink densities as well as L* a* b* values - a more advanced way of measuring color - and compares those values to the approved standard, automatically adjusting the ink levels to maintain consistency, even at speeds of 18,000 sheets per hour. This means we can ensure all your labels will look just as vibrant, from the first sheet to the last, and you can trust your repeat orders to have the same level of consistency.

We also launched HD-7 Series®, expanded gamut 7/color process printing, and we are G7 Certified in this technology. This process introduces 3 additional colors, Orange, Green + Violet, to the standard 4/color ink series, allowing for more vibrant illustrations and photography by color matching nearly 90% of all Pantone colors - maybe that explains all the awards our HD-7 labels have been winning in the industry. So bring on your most intricate designs, we’re ready.


Usually reserved for our high volume accounts, we also use our cut + stack technology to provide lower minimums at affordable costs for our clients with lower volume needs through use of combination forms. This gives us the flexibility to feel just as confident managing major national accounts as we are starting from the first run with a brand new beverage start-up.

Here are some of our Cut + Stack/Glue Applied go-to solutions:

Want to try something new?
Let's do it.

Pressure Sensitive

Our flexo department boasts 8 color press equipment with full UV technology. Able to print on a vast variety of substrates, this equipment gives our clients the flexibility to create intricate packaging for virtually any type of container.

Whatever your vision, we have the resources to make it happen. We encourage our clients to think big because we love to push our limits - we feel taking on challenges is our specialty, so if you need something new and different, let's talk.


With even more finishing options than cut + stack, and even lower minimums, our pressure sensitive labels give you the flexibility to try out that specialty finish on a limited run of holiday product, no problem.

Here are some of our Pressure Sensitive go-to solutions:

Let us know what you need
and we'll make it happen.