As Chameleon embarked on a brand refresh, they were looking for a print partner that could help them optimize the reflective, mosaic effects in their complex, iconic artwork.


We needed to find a solution that highlighted the artwork without compromising the durability of the label construction. And each flavor was to be assigned its own unique mosaic color combination, which would present its own set of challenges to execute on press.


We worked closely with the brand owners and Chameleon’s creative group to develop an intricate system of screens and tinted knockouts that would maximize reflectivity. We recommended a metallized, silver BOPP film that would provide the base silver required for this approach and the necessary water resiliency. A customized, proprietary “Chameleon Beige” background ink was created to give the brand complete ownership of their identity, and a matte over-laminate was added to create a smooth look and feel.