7 Must-Try Label Techniques for Your Next Order


In an era of saturated markets, where brand visibility is crucial, the significance of your label must not be overlooked. It is the blank canvas, breathing life into your brand and narrating your story. The substrates and finishes are key components in this storytelling journey. Let’s explore label enhancements that DWS loves and the impact they have on elevating your product.


1. Cast-&-Cure

Nothing demands attention quite like a 3D label – it’s the epitome of eye-catching. With an array of 3D designs and patterns at your disposal, you have the creative freedom to make your trippy vision come to life. From lines, to dots, to bubbles, it can complement a variety of label aesthetics. Cast-&-Cure thrives when paired with designs incorporating darker hues, letting the bright colors pop-through. You can apply the effect in certain areas of the art, or apply to the entirety of a label.

2. Uncoated Tactile

Simplistic, yet sophisticated. Uncoated labels bring a natural, tactile feel to your products, while connecting with the essence of your brand. These label stocks are ideal for those seeking a minimalist and eco-friendly vibe and are made from post-consumer recycled paper “PCR”.

3. Cut Out

The magic of cut out labels lies within the consumer themselves. Ideal for products where a sneak peek is essential, cut out labels provide a distinctive way to engage consumers by allowing them to interact with the packaging. This feature not only adds a layer of fun and curiosity but also opens up creative possibilities for storytelling on the product itself. Explore the transformative potential of ‘cut out’ labels, where functionality meets artistic revelation, creating a memorable and interactive packaging experience.

4. Double Sided Labels

We like to call this the “Sandwich Effect”. Just like your favorite sandwich showcases its delicious fillings, double sided labels ensure that your artwork takes center stage, captivating your consumers’ attention. When used as a back label on a clear container with clear or light-colored liquid, the image serves as the focus for the front of the bottle.

5. Spot Matte

A dual finish with contrasting textures may be the simple touch you need to your label. The matte finish adds elegance and a tactile feel, reducing glare, while the glossy accents draw attention to specific details, providing a premium and eye-catching effect. This technique elevates the overall aesthetic appeal, making the product stand out on the shelf with a sense of quality and sophistication.

6. Soft Touch

Soft Touch: Where labels meet luxury. The velvety texture not only adds a premium feel but also elevates the perceived quality of the product, leaving the consumer with a lasting impression of elegance on your product and overall brand.

7. Cold Foil 

Introducing a metallic touch to your label provides your product with the elevated sophistication it may desire. Various finishes, colors and placements within the label allow for full customization. Want to highlight your logo? Specialty call-out? Using cold foil may be the tool you need in your belt to step up your label game.