HALO Sport, the all-natural hydration beverage, recently approached DWS looking to elevate the look of their matte black shrink sleeves.


A rich matte finish may look “easy” to achieve on press, but there are inherent challenges when applying matte coating to shrink sleeves, especially on black. Careful considerations are required in order to prevent cracking or staining.  HALO Sport branding also calls for a spot gloss on their iconic logo, therefore precise registration was also imperative to achieve success.  The timing was critical as well because their brand was beginning to take flight and orders needed to be filled.


Multiple collaborative print trials with the HALO Sport team proved invaluable. DWS recommended that the matte coating be screened at the highest shrink area of the contoured shoulder of the “Skinny Bottle,” and various matte coatings were explored, tested, and ultimately qualified on press. DWS then provided in-person support during the manufacturing of the product at the co-packing facility to ensure success through to the finished product.