What started as an effort to build relationships with our new neighbors in Austin, TX has blossomed into one of our most meaningful collaborations to date. We had the privilege of helping bring to life a whole identity for Lazarus’ new Tepache Style Gose, while giving back to the Austin community.


Inspired by their Tejano roots, the folks at Lazarus Brewing crafted a beer featuring Tepache, a centuries-old fermented pineapple beverage, said to be originally brewed by the Mayans.

Now, all it needed was a name, a look, and some killer finishing touches that helped tell its story.


We developed a brand identity inspired by Mexican folk art and spiritual iconography and intentionally partnered with Mexican artists to helm the illustration and design.

Our team employed a new cast and cure technique to mimic stained glass and give a 3D trippy effect to the sleeves, which were applied and finished at our Austin, Texas facility.