Beverage packaging is our love language. Whether it be a classic Cut-&-Stack or a shrink sleeve for a unique custom bottle, if it’s a label, we can make it. Crafting labels for the beverage market is where our 159-year legacy started, and those strong roots have supported us as we branched out to serve a myriad of other markets.

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Food is such a broad category, and go-to packaging solutions are constantly evolving with the times. From cans to jars to the next innovative pouch design, we’re always up for the challenge. Our printing and packaging capabilities run the gamut — from elegant uncoated stocks and specialty finishes to tried and true glossy die-cut Cut-&-Stack — you can’t walk down a grocery aisle and not see a DWS-printed label. 

Need some labels as craveable as your product? Let’s make it happen.

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Wine & Spirits

Creativity and innovation have exploded in this legacy market, with pre-made cocktails in pre-sleeved cans and non-alcoholic elixirs sitting side-by-side on shelves. Investments in our decorating and finishing equipment have emboldened our team to better serve the Wine & Spirits market, while our plethora of experience in Craft Beer and sleeved cans has equipped us to push the boundaries of stocks, effects, and finishes for these new ready-to-drink cocktail players in the space.

We’ll drink to that!

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Craft Beer

We love Craft Beer in more ways than one. Craft Beer has been at the forefront of packaging innovation in the Food & Beverage space, consistently pushing the limits of artistry and special effects — and we are proud to have been right there with them. Our Craft Beer clients are usually the first to experiment with a new stock or printing technique and their entrepreneurial spirit keeps us inspired and innovating. In addition to our range of printing services, we also provide sleeved cans in-house with one-pallet minimums, so you can try out something new for that limited run or special holiday brew.

Craft recognizes craft. Let’s make something beautiful.

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Pet Products

Rest assured, we put just as much love into your Pet packaging as you put into pampering your feathery, fluffy, or furry friends. We think this is only the beginning of a new aesthetically exciting market as more and more innovative players enter the space, and we’re ready to meet your enthusiasm and help bring your creative vision to life.

Need some Roll-fed for Rover? We’re on it.

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Health & Wellness

The Health & Wellness market is changing by the day. Supplements, adaptogenic sprays, and serums typically have smaller labels with lots of information that needs to be communicated dynamically and legibly. This is where our consultative approach really shines; playing with the opacity of the white or using a different printing technique can make a considerable difference in the customer’s experience with your product – we call it The DWS Difference.

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Cleaning wipes, hand sanitizers, disinfectant sprays — the past few years have brought these household essentials to the forefront of our minds and straight into our shopping carts. This market also has a myriad of container shapes and sizes, always creating new challenges and opportunities to push the boundaries of what’s possible. We’re looking forward to helping enliven this growing market with aesthetic approaches and packaging solutions as fresh as the scents within their containers.

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We’re so excited about this new market, and our passion runs deep — all the Staibs are legacy Deadheads. In terms of packaging, Cannabis picks up right where the Craft Beer market left off, showcasing our in-house creativity and approach to aesthetic innovation. We love the chic, minimalist take on packaging that has entered this market, but we’re also big fans of those designs that lean a bit more psychedelic. 

How high-end can we make your new cannabis packaging? The answer is very.

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