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Our minimum orders vary depending on the print method. For example, the minimum order for digitally printed labels is 500, and the MOQ for flexo-printed labels or shrink sleeves is 5,000 per sku. We have a 30,000 minimum per sku for cut-&-stack labels.

While we do not offer brand creation, we do offer a wide range of graphic design and pre-press services. We can resize your artwork to accommodate new container sizes, make text changes such as nutrition facts, net weight and romance copy, as well color corrections. We also have the ability and expertise to do line extensions to add to your existing products.

Our preferred file format is Adobe Illustrator with all fonts converted to outline as well as embedded images. This gives us the ability to make any last-minute changes/corrections you might have. A high-resolution PDF is also acceptable but limits our ability to make changes. We can receive artwork via all file transfer platforms, i.e. Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc. For more information, view our Digital File Specifications guide.

Although our presses allow for up to 10 colors, DWS has the ability to provide various printing options, and the answer will depend upon what process the labels are being printed. For more information, view our Digital File Specifications guide.

CMYK or Four-Color Process is a conventional printing process (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). Most colors can be achieved using CMYK but for more specific and critical color matches we also have the ability to print using custom Pantone colors

We can provide custom ink matches (aka ink “drawdowns”) for your approval for any artwork that is conventionally printed, i.e. flexo or offset printing. For all digitally printed artwork, we recommend a press-proof which indicates exactly how the live run will look.

We have many stocks available, all of which are considered prime label stocks, and are widely used in the industry. We offer free samples for you to review to see which option is best for your project. We also have access to many different manufacturers to provide you with any specialty stocks you may want to explore. For PS labels we always recommend a roll of die-cut labels be tested prior to use to ensure that they can be properly applied on your labeling equipment. For cut-&-stack labels a bundle should be tested.

Your label or shrink sleeve size should be determined by the container size as well as any labeling application specifications. We have many sizes and die-lines (templates) that we can provide for many common containers. If a container diagram is supplied, we can also suggest a size and offer a die-line. While we can help and offer suggestions about label size it is ultimately the client’s responsibility to confirm the accuracy and compatibility of the size of the label or shrink sleeve relative to the container.

A die cuts your label into a shape – circle, square with rounded corners, star, etc. You will need a die for all Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL) as well as any Cut & Stack (C&S) labels that have a unique shape. There is a one-time charge for dies. The cost will be determined by size, shape and the material it will be cutting.

We require that a PDF be approved by the client prior to printing. PDF should be checked for text, color separations, barcodes and any regulatory requirements. We also recommend that a hard copy proof to be reviewed and approved by the client. A hard copy proof can be waived if the client chooses but any errors or omissions on the finished labels or shrink sleeves not indicated on the PDF will be the responsibility of the client.

If your project is printing digitally then yes, we have the ability to print multiple versions of the same sku on the same run, as well as multiple sku’s on the same roll. Pricing for this feature is available upon request.

“M” means 1,000 (one thousand). For example, if the quoted price is $10/m, this means $10 per thousand units.

Preflight means that our Art Department inspects your files to ensure that it meets our standard pre-press requirements as well as many other common, industry-wide requirements. Our standard requirements are listed in our Digital File Specifications.

Depending on the complexity of your artwork and the manner in which it is printing (conventional or digital), creating a custom white or coating plate can vary in complexity. We can provide this service for an additional cost or explain the process to your designer or art department.

You can learn all about UPC Barcodes at GS1 ( While DWS can create and position barcodes, we cannot generate the unique numerical code or register your specific products. Our standard UPC Barcode requirements are listed in our Digital File Specifications.